Where to do it: Kelvingrove Park and grass slope on north side of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children above Dumbarton Road, both in Kelvinhall

How to do it: Squat down and lounge your upper body into the down slope as if you were going to do a flying role but instead you land on your chest and belly. Like this you can gain enough velocity for surfing down. Keep your legs as high up in the air as possible. the less friction between grass and clothes the better. Invite others of the plenty recreationists in this versatile green space.

Care: Glasgow has many slopes but don't seek out any that are too steep, check out grass ground for sharp objects, have a set of dry clothes with you.

Equipment: Ideally an old jacket that is made of umbrella fabric, or a big bin bag you can put over yourself.

Hazards/risks: Evtl. sharp objects, getting muddy, tipping over

Suitability for wet weather: Yes, the wetter the better the surf

Grade of difficulty: 4